All K Lyrics by Lil Dicky

Lil Dicky Lyrics

All K Lyrics
[Intro: Lil Dicky]
Eh this gon' be the shit that when motherf*ckers hear it
They gon' be like 'Damn, that dude can rap'
Know what I'm saying?
Like, like, like, like

[Verse 1: Lil Dicky]
Look, I'm the man bro
Iont really care what the f*ck you think
Steak look rare but I grub dat pink
And the grundle stink
And I bump N-sync
Don't suck dick, but I blow dat good
Don't want shit but a ho that would
Lemme hold dat, bend and fold that
Get a Kodak, cowboy, Jerry Jones dat, lemme own that
Word... f*ck that girl
Jew got hair, never cut them curls
Truth or dare with a cute au paire
Get a room to share, hit a boom, Pat Burrell
Spit dat turd, das dat shit
Gotcha girl up on ma dick
I'm bout to sperm up on dem hips
Don't wanna murder us a kid
Oh shit... whatchu say
Don'tchu do this erry day?
Don'tchu usually go with double meat when you eat chipotle
Don't your crew lack someone black, but you want one to hang no slave
And I heard your boo got so much back like she bangin' that Notre Dame clock
Faded tho.
F*ckin bitches you'd label undateable
Missing birthdays, hay belated brah
Naked out in san fran on that rooftop
I got tan cans, no tube top
Cause I'm the maf*ckan man goddamn,
And these maf*ckas bitches full a shit like zoo mops so

[Hook: Lil Dicky]
Look, you can do it, you can say it
I been through it, you can play it
Yea I'm jewish, so I'm praying das yo boo cause I'm a take her.
Dinner at the crib, feedin kobe like a laker
You know what it is, I'm a maf*ckan K-I-K-E
You don't play wanna play D
Goin down low on ya dame
Getcha maf*ckin weight up
You can find a cracker getting paid like a sedar
All day
Word up
All K

[Verse 2: Lil Dicky]
Whoa, afikoman in a flow, das a pro
Whatchu know bout dicky creamin up in hoes
No ho ho
Whatchu know about a balla
Born and raised on the kaballah
Tryna make a dollar, until I'm cakin and stackin challa
I'm hollerin atcha daughter like when the f*ck you tryna get it
Dat vagina fitted custom for humpin dis little dicky
Puffin' sticky while she bangin' on my wood
Superstitious, pussy good
Cooter vicious, within a minute I finished
But I ain't trippin off no quick nut
And no pain in the butt, ma shit's tough
And ma dick's sucked, and yo dick sucks
But real talk I could never give an inch up
We tippin cups in the strip club, no flip cup
With a fit butt rubbin on my Nike zip up
No whisenhunt, but them bad bitches get cut
Gotta get up so the dick tucked
What the f*ck you doin
This that heavy f*ckin flow
Word to pads
Wearing out a lotta boxes on the road
Word to plaid
And I gotta have my pops no cereal
Das word to dad
Watching Breaking Bad, f*cking with' Hank and sippin tab boi.


[Outro: Lil Dicky]
Yeah, I'm saying
If they can say the N word
I sure as f*ck can say Kike
Do something about it, pussy
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