A$AP DICKY Lyrics by Lil Dicky

Lil Dicky Lyrics

Hey what's up y'all?
It's ya boy Dicky, AKA Yung Dick
A$AP Rocky beat
A$AP, f*ckin' witchu
If you tryna like, get on a track, collaborate, I'm with it
Or like
Even if it's like just getting brunch
I get brunch, if you wanted to
I don't know if you get brunch but you should
My treat
So, alright, hold up

[Verse 1:]
Riding through ya city, tryna find some titties
I'm high enough to think I might be dying, word to Whitney
Vagina, chicken, sticky, that's all you gotta give me
And I'm bout it, bout it, ain't no doubt about it
Lil dicky ehh?
Heard he spit that witty ridiculously, offensive shit
Heard he got expensive shit, heard that he resent his dick
You heard right muthaf*cka
I'm a a bright, coy, white boy, kike muthaf*cka ehh?
So whatchu fittin to do
I got a bitch she brought a bitch now ma dick dinner for two
Okay das fiction but admit it that I'm spittin it smooth enough
To get a jew with some scruff to mack a beauty with boobs and a butt
And plus a flat ass navel, twistin' that, no dreidel
From the back so fable of me (woof)
Cream cheesin, philly bred - so bagel of me
When dicky dead, this is never gonna be... so


[Verse 2:]
And I been rollin with a fatty
Boneless chicken patties
Been clubbin like this muthaf*cka's rollin with a caddy
And now that I been rappin, all these bitches holla me
Had to put a daily cap on the head, no Aladdin
Know I'm average looking, and I'm bragging bout getting chickens
But this spitting got me positioned to be banging out bitches
Outta ma league... Jeff Teague bangin on Griffey
Would never happen less you happen to be hanging with dicky
Oh yeah I'm white, killin brothas like I'm up in the klan
Been f*cking fly faced honeys like I'm up in sudanm so damn!
I'm a spit it till I get a buggatti
And body two hotties, who bodies
Fugazi, punanis tsunami - das wet
Puffin sticky, you ain't f*ckin with lil dicky
Bumpin biggie, humpin giddy
Cummin quicker than ma internet
I got high speed internet
Spittin mad ignorant
Sicker than a muthaf*ckin immigrant

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