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Cartoon Lyrics
Damn why it feel like it's saturday mornin in this bitch. girl in the corner lookin like dora the explorer. bartender lookin like stewart griffin. security guard lookin like homer simpson... ooo shit. I must be in a cartoon damn... too many triple stacks (throw it back)

Look, lookin out my mind yeah I'm on bout two is you thuggin is your rollin I say how bout you? I done mixed the ninja turtle with a lil grey goose now I'm bout to transform cause I'm into cartoons. gotta [?] track of pills and a ounce of that dough and my bitch rolled too in a spongebob shirt, she ain't trippin tho she done bought her friends too I use to knock that pussy out off a half of blues clues. back to my crew yeah my niggas go hard, I done left caught a charge gettin full of dem bars, I had this episode f*ckin with this lil broad, she wanted me to hit it hit it by [?], you know I'm a dawg so I didn't hit it raw, that red transformer got my dick real hard, she said the pill make her feel like she sittin on mars so I ate her [?] and beat that pussy on the sharks

I'm in a cartoon I'm in a cartoon (throw it back) I'm in a cartoon I'm in a cartoon (throw it back) doin spongebob on em do the ninja turtle on em goin bart simpson on em I'm a transform on em... goin bugs bunny on em I mickey mouse on em goin blues clues on em (in a cartoon)

Boosie: cross the track we throw em back from the summer to the winter use to be a ninja turtle now I turned to master splinter I be actin you can't see me I turn to dragon ball z took two to the head dawg an I turned to sonic the hedgehog I'm clifford red dawg we actin me and my 40 glock we like scooby doo and shaggy I'm poppa smurf round this bitch when I'm on purple round this bitch big bucks like scroge mcduff ain't out of shit (I'm in a cartoon) feel like I'm on the moon saw my girl porsha but my eyes saw dora homer simpson in the buildin (ayyy mouse where marge at?) I can't find tootie aww shit where bart at (throw em back throw em back) [?] I'm always in trouble call me garfield the cat me and my dawgs we gettin stacks you can call us thunder cats look at my neck you see I'm on like I'm kin to fred flintstone


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