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Like The Stars Lyrics

Better Off Believing Lyrics

For the longest time I swore that I was just wasting your time,
but you stopped me singing
"Whoa oh oh" I had my dreams locked deep inside my chest,
but you revealed all of them

Cause I'm feeling kind of typical
when I say the road there is difficult
But I've learned to believe like you do
and you know that I'm lost without you

You amaze me everyday with every single word you say
You've always got me singing
"Whoa oh oh" It's not enough to say you mean the world to me
I'm letting you off easily

She left a mark on me that I'm wearing on my sleeve
I know it now that I'm just better off believing
She's the only one... that made me believe

Cause they'll say that what we have is typical,
but I know that we can make it beautiful
And you know that I'll always love you
and you know that I'm lost without you

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