The Libertines Lyrics

The Libertines Lyrics

The Libertines Info:

The Libertines are an English rock band, formed in London in 1997 by frontmen Carl Barât and Pete Doherty. -Wikipedia

London, England

Indie rock, garage rock revival, post-punk revival, punk rock, lo-fi

Years active:
1997–2004, 2014–present
(one-off reunion: 2010)

Carl Barât - (vocals/lead and rhythm guitar)
Pete Doherty - (vocals/lead and rhythm guitar)
John Hassall - (bass)
Gary Powell - (drums)

Past Members:
Johnny Borrell (vocals and bass)
Steve Bedlow (vocals)
Paul Dufour (drums)

Did You Know:
• Carl Barât has a tattoo of the word "Libertine" on his right arm

• Pete Doherty's problems drugs and various arrests led to the dissolution of "The Libertines"

Breakthrough Singles:
What A Waster (2002)
Don't Look Back Into The Sun (2003)
Can't Stand Me Now (2004)
What Became Of The Likely Lads

The Libertines Quotes:
Whatever it is that gives you that feeling inside to get out of bed, get out of London and do something. Whatever inspires you to do that - to be alive and to dream.

I've had a few nasty surprises and a few pleasant surprises - acts of random violence and acts of random goodwill. It all adds up to a complete tablet of chaos that you have to swallow - but they never told me it was going to be a suppository!

The first time I fell in love with a real person was at school when I got beaten up and this girl came and sorted me out when I was all mashed up.

The power of healing and drumming.

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