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The Legion Lyrics

From the Album A Bliss To Suffer (2009) (buy at
A Bliss To Suffer
Shining Redemption
Call Of The Nameless Black
A Toil Beneath The Skin
Blood, Be Gone!
A Curse For The Dead
The Luring Depths
The Inimical
The Reaping Of Flesh And Blood

From the Album Revocation (2006) (buy at
Grotesque Savior
Virtue Of Sin
Annihilation Chaos
Horror Vacui
Impious Gathering
Deadlight Afterglow
Carnal Harvest
Nocturnal Apparition

From the Album Unseen To Creation (2003) (buy at
Unseen To Creation
Those Beyond
Cosmopathic Deathvoid
Knee-Deep In Blood
On Swift Wings
Awakened Fury
Invoking The End
Rise Of The Fallen

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