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Lawrence Matthews Lyrics

Let Jesus Fix It For You Lyrics

If there's a problem in your life
That you can't seem to solve
If there's a situation
That you can't handle

Don't give up, Don't despair
I know that God will be right there
And, Jesus is gonna fix it,
Jesus is gonna work it out
I know that Jesus is gonna
Fix it for you

Just Let Jesus fix it for you
For He knows Just
What to do
(Whenever you pray)
Just let Him have His way
And Jesus will fix it
Jesus will fix it,
OH, Jesus will
Fix it for you

I tried Him for myself,
I don't need nobody else
He's a present help in the
Time of trouble
(Lead: He'll be right there and)
He'll answer your prayer

(Repeat Bridge)

Jesus will fix it,
Jesus will fix it,
OH, Jesus will fix it
For you

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