Trying To Hold On To My Woman Lyrics by Lamont Dozier

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Trying To Hold On To My Woman Lyrics
I'm just tryin' to hold on to my woman
To my life
I've got a woman that satisfies my every need
She's got a formula guaranteed to please
You know what, there was once a time
When I ran the streets
And tryin' to sleep all the girls off their feet
But that kind of kind (??? not sure)
It only destroys
And that's why I have no desire
To paint the town with the boys
I stay home
I just tryin', tryin ta hold on, hold on
To my..., aah
My woman, my life

I feel like I want to testify
For all the wrong I've done
She never once complained
She stuck beside me
All through the sunshine and rain
And I don't gamble with her love
That's something I couldn't stand to lose
Her confidence in me
I don't dare misuse
If I get the urge to go
She may not know where I'm goin'
But I don't fear me
That when I come in
She knows where I been

In my life she's first and she's last
She's my future
And I'm telling you all
She my past
And for what she's given me
I can never repay
I can only hope (only hope)
Only hope (only hope)
That she let me (let me)
Let me (let me)
I said let me (let me)
Server her for the rest of her days
Always and always

I'm just tryin' to hold on, hold on
To my...
To my home and my life love
Some call me henpecked
For giving my woman the proper respect
But I don't care
I don't mind if they tease me
As long as my woman is pleasing me
I'm just tryin' ta
Tryin ta, tryin' ta
Tryin' ta
Hold on
To my...
My woman my life

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