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If You Could Lyrics
The day to day gets you feeling down
It's been a week since you went to town
It's getting late so why haven't you called your friends
Why haven't you made amends

It's not the way that you saw your life
The one you love she's not your wife
You only wanted to make your father proud
And buy your mom a house

If you could do it again
How would you do it
Would you go back
And do what you never got round to

But you know, yeah you know that's not how it works

If you could be someone else
Would you do it
If you could choose from a shelf
Would you take a new self

But you know, yeah you know that's not how it works
You want to start it all over again, but yeah
You know that's not how it works

You could have been a contender, man
You would have gathered a million fans
You might have taken a rocket to outer space
Had in your pocket the human race

I guess depends on what you expect
But either way you must accept
It's hard to stand by and see it all go so fast
Not easy watching the Heropass
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