Vent Lyrics by Kirko Bangz

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Vent Lyrics
I know that you tell me that you wish me well
But I know you really wish me hell
That envy and that jealousy can kill
Cause I know you wish you had this for yourself
And I'm tired of holdin' in how I feel
Tired of halfway comin' real
Man I'm tired of alot of shit
Walkin' around this bitch like can I live?
Cause all the little shit that I deal
All the little chicks that I feel
Were happiness but in the meantime
I was busy feelin' someone else
And I can't blame you moving on for yourself
But it's a shame when niggas pause for the wealth
But for me it's family and nothing else
I gotta put them before myself
So I sacrifice the love that I should feel
To cop the gold chains and gucci belts
Cause it's (uh) as you lookin like the money
It don't matter how you sound, the world deaf
One minute you think you doing right, hit the light
F*ck around and take a left
Hit a nigga that's havin' a bad day
And he f*ck around and shoot yo ass to death
But if that nigga got a badge on his chest, case closed
Way before that nigga left
And the cops supposed to watch over the kids
Instead they wanna put us all in jail
And when we grown, turn the gun around on us
In them the people we supposed to trust
Ignorance is bliss, we live, f*ck the truth
I just find someone to lust
And to the women gettin' dollars in the club
God gotcha, getcha papers, stack it up
But shit, it's kinda crazy young girls turning stripper
Cause the last nigga stripped her of her love (she with)
Every rapper, basketball playin' actor
Wouldn't surprise me if she showed up with puff
And even that nigga would probably say damn
Cause her to-do list was long as f*ck
I know you thinkin' that I ain't intelligent
But I just played the world to make me bucks
And my sister seventeen years old and she already pregnant man f*ck
Remember momma used to have her head down
Tryna get the bills paid for us
(Shit) now momma still got her head down
And the bills paid up for twelve months
She look at me everytime I'm bout to leave
Like I'm a take away a little part of her
But she can look at me anytime that she in need
Cause she know I got that part of me from her
You say my name, auto-tune, all that trey shit
To try to bring me down that's wassup
Something to prove, And somebody got to lose
Came from nothing, Anything is coming up

It's just a couple things
That's going on in my mind
Know what I'm sayin'
Let me vent one time

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