Ugly Bitches Lyrics by Kirko Bangz

Kirko Bangz Lyrics

Ugly Bitches Lyrics
[Verse 1: Kirko Bangz]
I met this one bitch
Her name was ugly; should've known I shouldn't have f*cked with
But see, when I'm thinking with my dick, everything's switched
I'm Shaq boy, on the block tryna' hit a lick
Like I ain't give a shit, knowing that I gave a f*ck
Like what if my niggas found out that I was f*cking her
The one we talked about in school, used to chop her up
But my dick tell me I'm a fool if I don't chop her up
I mean she stay around the corner, won't nobody know
Besides I'm tryna slide inside, then I gotta go
Gave her my number, told her to keep it on the low
She cracked a smile like, "Trust me, won't nobody know"
Stupid bitch had me fooled everytime I pulled
Up to the house I felt bad like, "What the f*ck you doin'? "
Super head-hunter everynight it's goin' down
But that bad part is that she weigh about three hundred pounds... Damn

[Hook: Kirko Bangz]
Man, I done f*cked some ugly bitches
I'm a keep it real dog, I done f*cked some ugly bitches
On the real man, I done f*cked some ugly bitches
C'mon dog, man you know f*cked some ugly bitches
F*ck it, my nigga, I done f*cked some ugly bitches
On the real dog, I done f*cked some ugly bitches
I keep it trill with y'all, I done f*cked some ugly bitches
C'mon dog, man you know you f*cked some ugly bitches

[Verse 2: Kirko Bangz]
Remember back when I was in school, at that Prairie View
Where the girls real; freaky, fine, very few
Sophisticated, my conversation has designated
To get them drawers in the walls like I'm renovatin'
I never thought that I would find myself fornicatin'
With a bitch that looked like she had born a baby
After I f*cked, I threw up, "I need some toilet paper"
Sick as f*ck, throwing up, naw I'm just playin'
But shit I could've when her friend said I ate her out
That ugly bitch man I swear I coulda' laid her out
I wanted to look for her, but shit I couldn't though
Cause the last time we f*cked, I let her take a picture yo... Damn

[Hook: Kirko Bangz]

[Verse 3: Kirko Bangz]
Shit, now when I'm out here on the road out here doing shows
Nine times out of ten, I been gettin' chosed
But sometimes, somedays man, shit be slow
And I tend to f*ck with a bitch I shouldn't though
Like that one chick, I call her Red, never got the no
She caught me as I left the club; grabbed me at the door
And said, "I'd do anything to get a chance with you."
"Oh for real, like what? ", She said, "You tell me boo"
"Shit, ain't no trippin' here's my phone put yo' shit inside"
"Come through I got some liqour baby, we gon' chill tonight"
I got through, seein' her phone and something wasn't right
Six kids, the bitch told me she was forty-five...
What the f*ck

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