Thru My City Lyrics by Kirko Bangz

Kirko Bangz Lyrics

Thru My City Lyrics
This is how I do it when I swang thru' my city
This is how I do it when I swang thru' my city
I do it for the north side the east side
The south and I can't forget the west side
Say that we rollin on choppaz (chop chop chop chop I'm a keep on chopping)
And we are tripping keeping flipping [?]
Long as my city rolling [?] stop us h-town

[Verse 1:]
I swang thru the parking lot
Swang know what I'm talking about
Rolling on the big wheels
Your tires look like polka dots
Mines look like [?]
Pop the trunk to show stop
You 're a type of cock block well I create a road block
Suicidal doors on the whip but not get too fat
Have you some have saw us like [?] james in schools out
Baby this is my year
I'm a you should know about
Peeling thru the streets my car curious george mouth
[?] from the east and on the beats I'm a beast
A lyrical caterpillar I'll be flying in the weed
And ain't no ice up in my drink I got the code don't need the key
I'm in the roll like butter yeah they can't believe it's me


[Verse 2:]
Parts of a hustler mine double G
H-town trouble makers [?] ease
I'm a [?] they're all black on
We're respecting and protecting like I got the strap ons
But I never had a gun and I never had a pistol
But I still drop bombs I'm the shit for a missile on the pearl harbor nigga
I'll be working harder than a mexican in august paying for his daughters quinceañera
[?] this money [?] cape cod and calling chris brown
How is crawling nigga crawling nigga
Do the streets like a [?] (nice be killing me)
But do it all [?]


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