The Crew Lyrics by Kirko Bangz

Kirko Bangz Lyrics

The Crew Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
I know plenty of hoes in love with their niggas
But that be that same bitch that's f*cking niggas
She blame it on you, say you breaking her heart
So when she around us she playing her part
Party time, my nigga she say it's party time
Poppin' her pussy like a pill till it's morning time
And you at home sending texts to the bitch
Talking shit, bout the click and she tellin us the shit, we know
That you the type of nigga, fall in love with pussy
We the type to fall asleep don't even touch the pussy
I'm in the strip club throwing yesterday's money
You in the same club throwing other niggas money
So you tell me who's what? Who the real G?
Tryna be a better me, you gotta kill me
You running 'round acting like you got the crown
Man, I'm tired of being modest tell these niggas bow down
You know, that I'm the only reason they gave you a chance
Follow a nigga's blueprint, we gave you the plan
And if I got your main bitch taking pictures with me
Just know she coming to the room, sipping liquor with me
And if she, sipping with me, she sipping with us
She say we gotta hold it down if she giving it up
Damn, she look around and smile at everybody
And say, "I'm down but y'all can't tell nobody"

She f*cking the crew, what the f*ck you gon' do
You can''t f*ck with the crew, she f*cking the crew
She f*cking the crew, what the f*ck you gon' do
You can''t f*ck with the crew, she f*cking the crew

[Verse 2:]
Uh, I know this girl that f*cked the whole city
She tried to hit me up for some f*cking pity
Like, "You never called me or texted back"
You're everybody's pussy I could never touch that
And I could blast her ass
Like she tried to do me
But really she just want to get to know the new me
You know the big star
With the diamond rings and the black chain
But I'm still the same, Nigga that you knew a couple years ago
But you a ho so I'd f*ck you and your feelings ho
And she bouncing her ass for a couple of dollars
Bitch lying all the time like the Colina La
I'm young Simba man I can't wait to be the king
This bitch here man she can't wait to f*ck the team
Bitch tryna get her racks up
New nigga every month
Get her tatts up, tattoo my name on you so I know it's real
Or tattoo my name on you if you dumb as hell
Uh, cause that shit don't mean shit to me
I mean you ain't shit but a clit to me
My game ain't counterfeited
If she ain't talking bout the click why the f*ck you bring a glitch to me
She say her nigga never listen so we showed a bitch what she missing


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