Incredible Nigga Lyrics by Kirko Bangz

Kirko Bangz Lyrics

Incredible Nigga Lyrics
Uhuh ohhh

[Verse 1:]
I remember when I didn't have a dime, a dime to my name
I Remeber when you didn't have the time, but everything has changed
They joked they laughed they said that I would never be anything
They joked they laughed with all the girls but the girls wasn't f*ckin with me
I was sittin on the bench at the park right, they was pickin out names it was sumthin like
Secret santa put your name on the card
But I knew moma spent her last cash on the bus ride
I stayed cool like like the moonlight
I'm used to it I've been doing this my whole life
Feel like my whole life I been a low life
But now I'm sittin in the spotlight

It's incredible [x2]
To me [x3]
I'm just an incredible nigga [x3]

[Verse 2:]
Is you thinkin? what I'm thinkin?
Is you drinkin? What I'm drinkin?
Is you hopin, what I'm hopin?
Is you smokin? Cause I'm smokin
Yea, a nigga mind away life is so fast forward
Airplane on my arm get yo passport
Cause I'm fly nigga, they say you high nigga
I need a calm down app on my android
Now let me enjoy it, they used to ignore it
But now they waitin on my CD like it's in stores
The girl I want doesn't want me
It's a sad story
But watch her attitude switch when I'm in stores
She say she been loyal
Yea cause I been on
And now I'm just an X-man like that bitch storm
I used to bench warm but now I become mr.incredible
You Synndrome (little nigga)


I think I'm on my way now

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