Breath Lyrics by Kill The Romance

Kill The Romance Lyrics

Breath Lyrics

Go 'coz I can see your motherf*cking face, ain't fine with me
Throw away those bloody freaking cries for good, it's time to begin

Now bring it on
It's about the f*cking time
Stop dreaming about yourself and go f*cking do it
No don't be afraid, it's just a game
Come on do it, do it

Breath - until your blood is as cold as mine... deadly divine
Breath - adore all the weak with your lonely lies... failure my friend

Stop unless you feel you can change it all, fine with me
Spit on those who try to alter your mind, f*ck you all
Fight against all odds that won't bring you alive, unsatisfied
Tear down every mortal left behind trying to hold you down

Fight, fight, fight...
Don't be afraid, it's just a game, stop dreaming about yourself... go!

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