I Made It (Cash Money Heroes) Lyrics by Kevin Rudolf

Kevin Rudolf Lyrics

I Made It (Cash Money Heroes) Lyrics
(feat. Birdman, Jay Sean & Lil Wayne)

Yeah, Cash Money Heroes, Private Jets
Polish, Fly

[Chorus: Kevin Rudolf]
I Look up to the sky
And now the world is mine
I've known it all my life
I made it, I made it
I used to dream about the life I'm livin now, I Know that there's no doubt
I Made it, I Made it

[Verse 1: Kevin Rudolf]
Known from the city,
Where No one believed in me,
But I never gave up the fight,
Ya, but now I'm on top,
Told you Let it Rock (Rock!)
Now money's fallin from the sky-y-y-y-y
I made it.


[Verse 2: Birdman]
CMB Baby,
Swagged out,
Rooftop Hella choppa burnin smoke,
Louie Bag stay strapped with a priceless globe,
High Life, flippin and get some more,
Paradise, the lixury marble floor,
When I hit, hit me full of dat cash
More money than I seen in a garbage can
Stunna island, money and the power
That's how we do it,
Make it rain, make it shower
Top Floor, Big Timer doin big things
Over city view, bought shawty new range
Flip another 100, poppa throwin 100's
In a new Bently, uptown Stunna


[Verse 3: Jay Sean]
Ooo I made it
I made it...
I made it...
I made it...
Yo ay ay ay listen
See I dnt live for glamour,
And I dnt care for fame,
I'm in this for the love of the game
Funny how things can change
They didn't believe in me,
Then they callin my name
Now look who cashed in,
They didn't wanna know back then,
But ever since I done gone platinum,
Everything turned around
And now the sky is fallin


[Verse 4: Lil Wayne]
Came from the gutter,
Lookin like my mother,
Made it to the goal line,
Straight out the huddle
Cash Money goldmine,
Weezy stay loyal
Boy we getting money like we just found oil,
Uh and that's word to my red flag
I live first and leave the Bullsh*t dead last
I lay it down so hard I got a bedrash
And I just tell em to loaf it, when the bread pass,
Starin at you from the top of the game man,
I might drop the world, if I change hands,
Uh, it feel good to be here,
Weezy in the buildin got this b*tch rebult
Young Money


[Jay Sean:]
I look to the skyyy
I made it!
Made it, I made it
Yes I did [x5]
I made it!

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