Work It Man Lyrics by Kelly Rowland

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Work It Man Lyrics
Work it man

Laaaa work it man I'm working
I gotta work it plan
Above these niggas I'm like a ceiling fan
Girl I swear we go together X and Os
These ova niggas can leave exit doe
Any free time it's you and me time
And I'll do this all again rewind
Working hard to getcha might bust a sweat
Cause man I think I caught a good one fishing net

Every good woman
Need a good man
I'm a good woman
And he know that
Can you make me yo 9 to 5 please
And never take an off day from me
When it's payday he get that
When it's my time he spend Nat
Ain't no other place he'd rather be
Putting overtime in with me

All the baggage I got now cause of my past
He ain't scared to carry at all
(He's a work it man [x4])
If he's too good to claim you here's what you do
Tell him you don't need him at all
(Get a work it man [x4])

You a work it man show me what you working with [x2]
What I need (he got it)
When I need it (he got it)
What I want (he got it)
When I want it (he got it)

All the playing games he ain't on Nat
Tryna take his girl
Better fall back
Cause he smiling don't mean he won't go
Hard in the paint yahh y'all know
(Y'all know)
If he [x2] ain't doing right
Ain't given time
Ain't coming home at night
If he [x2] ain't showing love
Ain't on the up
If he [x2] ain't clocking up


If you got a work it man
Any problems we gon work em ouooht
(Work em ouooht)
If you got a work it man
Then you know just what I'm talking bouooht
(Talking bouooht)
He don't complain bout nothing
He working on something
If anybody ask yea I love em
If you need a work it man
Stop looking
He gon find you chasing Mr wrong
When Mr rights right behind you

Yahh you can be my 9 to 5
Are you down to ride
The time I put in to get your heart is bonified
Houston to Houston
Now tell me that's a agreat divide
But this ain't local shit
This nationwide
I got my eyes on you Kelly
Texting you on your celly
Just hoping we don't catch a delimma
Ain't talking Nelly oooooooooooooh
You the hottest round
So why you dressing up
I'm a tryna dress you down

(He ain't scared to carry at all
He got it [x2] uh yea he got it yea)

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