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From the Album Dress To Impress (2016) (buy at
Dress To Impress
Good Love
Just The 2 Of Us
Pulling Out The One
Special Night
Back And Forth
Give You All Of Me
Missing You Like Crazy
Lovers And Friends
Feels Good
Better Love
Dressed To Impress
Cant' Let You Go
Get It In
Let's Go To Bed

From the Album Til The Morning (2011) (buy at
Til The Morning
Candy Store
Knew It All Along
High As The Sun
Lady De Jour
Make You Say Ooh
To The Middle
Ring Size
Til The Morning
Open Invitation
One On One
My Valentine

From the Album Ridin' Solo (2010) (buy at

Full Time Lover
Test Drive
Ridin' Solo
Genius Girl
Hood Sex
It's All About You
I'm The One You Want
Live In Person
It's A Shame

From the Album Just Me (2008) (buy at

The Floor
Girl Of My Dreams
Sexiest Girl
Me And My Girl
Suga Suga Suga
Never Had A Lover
Love You Better
Just Wanna Sex You
Teach Me
Some More (Japan Bonus Track)

From the Album The Sweat Hotel (2007) (buy at

Love You Betta

From the Album Candy Store (2005) (buy at
Candy Store
Running Back
Private Step Show
Drop It Like It's Hot
Ohh It's Tight
Candy Store
Mama Use To Tell Me
The Most Beautifulest
Body Down

From the Album Rebirth (2002) (buy at

I Want You
Gots To Have It
Anything Goes
Ladies Night
100% All Man
The Right Stuff
One On One
Show Me
Trust Me
Wonderful Thang
In And Out
Can It Be
What Is It?
Live Bonus Track
Twisted - (Live, Bonus Track)

From the Album Didn't See Me Coming (2000) (buy at

Whatcha Like
Satisfy You
I Put U On
He Say She Say
Real Man
Kiss You
I'll Trade (A Million Bucks) - Interlude (feat/lil' Mo)
Don't Have Me
Caught Up
I'll Trade (A Million Bucks)
Only Wanna Please You
Why U Treat Me So Cold
I'll Trade (A Million Bucks) (remix)

From the Album Still In The Game (1998) (buy at

Come And Get With Me
Can We Make Love
Let Me Have My Way
What Goes Around
Love Jones
Too Hot
I'm Not Ready
Show U What Love Is (Feat/ol Skool)
Just Another Day
You Know I Like
In Your Eyes

From the Album Keith Sweat (1996) (buy at

Funky Dope Lovin'
Whatever You Want
Just A Touch
Freak With Me
Nature's Rising (Interlude)
Come With Me
In The Mood
Show Me The Way [interlude]
Chocolate Girl

From the Album Get Up On It (1994) (buy at

Interlude (How Do You Like It?)
How Do You Like It?, Pt. 1
It Gets Better
Get Up On It
Feels So Good
How Do You Like It?, Pt. 2
Intermission Break
My Whole World
Grind On You
When I Give My Love
Put Your Lovin' Through The Test
Telephone Love
Come Into My Bedroom
For You (You Got Everything)

From the Album Keep It Comin' (1991) (buy at

Keep It Comin'
Spend A Little Time
Why Me Baby?
I Really Love You
Let Me Love You
I Want To Love You Down
I'm Going For Mine
(There You Go) Tellin' Me No Again
Give Me What I Want
Ten Commandments Of Love
Keep It Comin' (Smooth Out Version)

From the Album I'll Give All My Love To You (1990) (buy at

Interlude (I'll Give All My Love To You)
Make You Sweat
Come Back
Your Love
Your Love-part 2
Just One Of Them Thangs
I Knew That You Were Cheatin
Love To Love You
I'll Give All My Love To You

From the Album Make It Last Forever (1990) (buy at

Something Just Ain't Right
Right And A Wrong Way
Tell Me It's Me You Want
I Want Her
Make It Last Forever
In The Rain
How Deep Is Your Love
Don't Stop Your Love

Other Songs:
All Eyes On Me (Revisiting Cold Blooded)
All The Times
Can I Be
Come And Get With Me (Remix)
I Put You On
I'll Give All My Love To You (Love Mix)
I'm Not Ready (Remix)
Just A Touch (Bad Boy Remix)
Let Me Lick You Up And Down
My Body
One On Left
Put It On
What Is It
Where Did I Go Wrong
Why Me Baby, Pt. 2
You Got Me

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