Thats The Way I Like It Lyrics by KC The Sunshine Band

KC The Sunshine Band Lyrics

Thats The Way I Like It Lyrics
Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray for your love to keep
If you should leave before the dawn remember this
whileyou are gone

Sometimes I feel like your swinging door
Wth you walking in and out and in and out
Ive never been in so before and then I'd have to do without you

Guess I thought i could be strong
Guess I could not wait too long
Guess you just can't do no wrong
So baby could you

Save some of your love for me
Save some love for me
Cause you know I need your love baby

The day and week and season change
And then you slip back into my world
I hate the thought it sounds so strange
But I, I want to be your number ne girl

Heaven helpme to let you go
Heaven help me to tell you no
Heaven help me I love you so
So baby could you


Oh baby save your love
I need you wrong or right
Under the stars above
I'm wishing every night
What can I give to you
So that you have to see
So that you wil be true
And save your love for me


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