Let's Get Lost Lyrics by Karmin

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Let's Get Lost Lyrics
I'm just a dreamer with my feet in the sand
Soaking the sun here in my paradise land
The tropical breeze keeps the sweat off my brow
Leaves me just as happy as my brain will allow

Let's get lost in a dream together
Let's get lost where there's nothing but good weather
Let's get lost in a dream together with our feet in the sand
In a paradise land

I'm just a dreamer where the tables' set for two
No one else around here except for me and you
Palm trees lean keeping us in the shade
And every, every time we leave here we only wish we could've stayed


I know I'm the one you want
While your dancing with me under the sun
I know I'm the only one
Cause it feels like it's only begun
And we'll dance for the stars when the sun has gone far away
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