Wutup Snow? Lyrics by Jon Bellion

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Wutup Snow? Lyrics
[Hook 1:]
Her body is cold
The conversation is cocaine
I'll call her snow
(Yeah, that's your new nickname)
Her body is cold
The conversation is cocaine
I'll call her snow
(Wutup snow?)

[Hook 2:]
Yeah, wutup to snow
She always keep it funky like afros
A little bit of panic
Cause my hearts Titanic like oh he so DiCaprio

She knows more than me about Dragon Ball Z
How cold is that? How cold is that?
(That's pretty cold son)
She's so Andre to me, she's 3000 degrees
How cold is that? how cold is that?
(I think that she's ice cold then, right?)
I'm making music in a blue room
She walks in, in black lingerie
And she likes Italian white kids
So when we hit the bedroom
We turning Fifty Shades of Grey
Nickname stuck now she won't let it go
So now I'm undercovers, screaming "let it snow!"
No we rubbing noses like we Eskimos
Beautiful mind, you already know

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2]

[Blaque Keyz:]
Say "Hello" to the woman frozen like pose in a tundra
I wonder if I propose will she open up like umbrellas
Or will she close, I would hope that you were in the no
Cause that dress is wrapping around her like packets on bags of blow
She so classic, I never pass it, so passionate, making racket
When raggin', grabbin' her toes, a total package and all
Never get in her face about movin' in steady paces
Throw those other broads away, just so he waist don't go to waist
I'm the detective on this case, but I've defected on this record
Investigating a case and pursuing her in a chase
I might ruin her when I'm through with her, but only she would know
If I broke her heart in to pieces and dropped it when it was frozen
And I'm a snow man, we hold hands, I melt when she gets close
Grabbin' my carrot, I'm an addict, for this habit, I have chosen
As the weathers getting warmer and the seasson is done
I'm a make sure to keep you on the tip of my tongue

I'll call her snow [x7]
She's... so... cold
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'll call her snow [x7]
I'll call her snow [x7]

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