To My Future Wife... Lyrics by Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion Lyrics

To My Future Wife... Lyrics
Open up the doors in the back of church
And they all rise
They all rise
Take a couple steps of my breath in a dress
That is all white
It's all white
As your father let's you go
He will whisper soft and slow

Walk towards love, yeah
Walk towards love, yeah
Walk towards love

This money's gonna come
And this money's gonna go
But that's alright
That's alright
Cause everything could fall down
Everything could go
But it's all fine
It's all fine
They say love's a winding road
But it's simple if we both


Even the philosophers know, it's a fact
That we all die
We all die
I know you're an angel
So if they call you back in a short time
A short time
And you leave me in this life
I will follow close behind


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