The Sound Of Getting Over You Lyrics by Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion Lyrics

The Sound Of Getting Over You Lyrics
[Intro - Jon Bellion & Mylon Hayde:]
(Rock it, rock it!)
Da, da, da, da-da-da, da, da, da
Da, da, dada-dum-da, da

[Hook 1 - Jon Bellion:]
Oh, I took all your records
Then smashed them on the floor
Then I came up with this melody
'Til this baseline shook my floor
And after all the pain you've cause me
I see one things true, true...
Oh this song
Sounds like me getting over you

[Hook 2 - Mylon Hayde:]
Now if you with me, stand up and just rock it
Her imprint on my mind been replace with this drum pocket
This is a public service announcement for those who've fallen
And goes for anybody who gave it all with no profit

[Hook 1]

[Verse - Jon Bellion:]
(Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Mind)
Go head an tantrum, throw your fits (da, da, da, da)
I've built my bridge up over this (da, da, da, da)
Like Jersey Shore, I'm sure I've missed
Cause I'm turning heart-breaking to hits
Hit the reset button on the play back
I'm just amazed that, you can erase that
ASAP out of your mind, it's like Ajax
Cause you wipe me clean baby, eight stacks
Couldn't pay for this lesson learned
When I hit the dance floor baby, heads will turn
Cause I'm looking good, turn to my bottle and kissed it
Cause a drink looks a lot better than your lipstick

[Hook 2 - Jon Bellion & Mylon Hayde:]

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