Picture Frame Lyrics by Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion Lyrics

Picture Frame Lyrics
Okay so I wrote this song drunk
And I'm recording this song drunk
So this is for her

I'm staring at old picture frames
I think I kinda miss your face
Maybe we could spend the day
Remember how we used to lay down
And you know you don't have as much fun with anyone else
And you know that this beer won't drink itself
Hehehe, oh, oh

[Verse 1:]
Haven't seen you since last December
You're even prettier than I remember
Oh, you're like a breath of fresh air I would take in
Is it weird I wish you were naked
Oh, you love my jokes
I said "oh, you always loved my jokes"
I said "oh"
So if I went to kiss you
Would you kiss me back
Said "oh,"
I know it's been a while but I hope so


[Verse 2:]
Unh, since when did you grow up, Hello Kitty always
Was on your bags and your socks, and cooties was always
My fear, now your all Sex and The City on me
So grown, so mature, and so able bodied
To pay yo taxes, take it back to class
When I didn't have no chapstick, I was so average
You were so bright-eyed and still believed in magic
We were so natural, but now we're so plastic
When did we grow up
Let's smash the clock and slow up
But if I have to hear one more thing about your business career
I might just throw up
But you showed up
Which so proved the old you's in there somewhere
So moved, the old school, into an only past
But let's open a new book as we go pass


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