Make Love Lyrics by Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion Lyrics

Make Love Lyrics
You know uh the world is a dangerous place baby and
And I think you just kick and stay in for the day
Yeah, you can stay with me. I mean, you know
Whatever happens, happens
You know it's dangerous out there, ya know?
Let me talk to you

[Verse 1:]
With so much wrong in the world
I'm just glad I found you
I'm just glad I found you
So many guns shot for no reason
I'm just glad I found you
I'm just glad I found you

[Pre Hook:]
So lovely if we go outside
I think we'd be risking our lives

So I have an idea
We should make love, we should make love
'Til the world comes back around
'Til the world comes back around
We should make love, love, love, love, love
(Love, love, love, love)
'Til the world comes back around

Come on baby. You know, you know it sounds good
So let me, let me explain it to you

[Verse 2:]
I'm just trying to lay low, she'll see where the day goes
Stay home, I will give you loving by the case loads
Stay up in the shade, you'll get burned by the sun's rays
Don't go for a run cutie, I can make your pulse raise
Risky situations for the birds, they can have'em
Cause the only one I'm inviting, my friend Sam Adams
And eleven of his friends, make a twelve pack slap'em
On the couch, we can sip'em 'til it's safe outside
Instead of watching the economy slide
I'm just trying to see my fingertips glide
Across your body, that's the safest flight I'm gonna fly
Lions, tigers, bears. Oh My!
Cause I'm a sure shot
Leave it if the door knocks
Cause these sheets and these pillows and blankets be like Fort Knox
We can jam on the bed to we switch and let the floor rock

[Pre-Hook x2]


See I'll even do a piano solo for you
Yeah! Woo!
Ewa-Ewa-e, Ass stay home, ewa, off day [x5]
So is that a yes or a no? Hehehehe

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