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Can't Believe It Lyrics
You wanna put me in a palace
All the way down in Dallas
When you whisper in my ear, make a phantom just appear like magic

You wanna take me from my mom's house
To a Cambridge town house
Louis purses to collect, put some diamonds on my neck is that what you about? boy...

You think I look good
So you work your game
Talkin' bout shiny little planes and a bunch of finer things- no thanks (poquito)

Brought me to the back so we can have a conversation, I just need a little meditation to think about you and me

Oh- I can't believe it
Ooh ooh he all on me, on me
I-I-I think he want me, want me
To be his one and only
Ooh I can't believe it
He all on me on me
I- I -I think he want me, want me
To be his one and only

If you really want it let me hear you say "Yeah- yeah-yeah"
If you didn't know we make the people say "Yeah-yeah-yeah"

You tryna buy me out the mall
Throw your paper on it all
Wrapped in Dolce&Gabanna and come over when you wanna get involved- NO

You're so sexy
But it's hard to get me
Boy I wanna know your heart and your mind, not just your pedigree

But you look so good
So I wanna get to know you
Maybe dinner or a walk through the city baby just us two

Boy I know you're focused and I dig your concentration, I just need a little demonstration
Talkin' bout you and me

[Hook: out]
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