Typical Day Lyrics by John Mayer

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Typical Day Lyrics
Rise and shine
give a streth and wipe the dreams from my eyes
close your eyes
and imagine me on a typial day.

I sit back
and just close my eyes and I drift away,
to a place that's in my mind.
I read a book or
I watch TV
it helps me to
forget about all the little things that I need.

on a typicald-d-d-day d-d-d-day
on a typical day

when i'm falling fallilng behind,
these typical ways make lose my worry,
lose my mi-nd yeah oh oh on a
typical day.

It's 2 o' clock
and all the bed bugs are getting all ready to bite
and I turned over they been giving me noise all through the night
And i start sleepin' and dreamin'
and i think i might
dream about you
all through the night.

typical d-d-d-day
typical d-d-day
on a typical day
when i'm fallin, fallin
behind thse typical ways make me lose my worry,
my mi-nd.

on a typical day when
I'm falling falling behind
these typical ways make me lose my,
lose my worried
my m-i-i-nd oh oh
typical d-d-d-day typical d-d-day.

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