Nutmeg Lyrics by John Legend

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Nutmeg Lyrics
[John Legend:] Aye yeah...

Sweet, sweet nutmeg...
On the 25th, I'm gonna cover you with
My nutmeg
My sweet brown nutmeg
Girl don't make me beg
I wanna nog your egg
(Yes I do, mmmmm girl)
I'm gonna rock you like a craddle
You'll lick the nutmeg off my ladle
It's pure it's refine
Woooo and it's ready to grind
It's my nutmeg!
Youuu need my nutmeg
I'll sprinkle your Christmas cream
With my spice supreme


[Stephen Colbert:] "What about all spice? "
[John Legend:] You know it leaves me cold as ice.
[Stephen Colbert:] "Cinnamon? "
[John Legend:] Don't even think of putting that stuff in!
[Stephen Colbert:] "Cardamom? "
[John Legend:] It won't let me drop my love bomb...

No cocoa, no cloves...
No vanilla, no mase...
The only residue I want you wiping off your face! Is my nutmeg...

Ooo ooo ooo, nutmeg...
You'll be happy that you ate it
(Mmmmm, yes you will)
So just grab my seed and grate it

It's my nutmeg
Oooo my nutmeg
Ooohhh na, na, na, na, na... nutmeg

OOOO my nutmeg...

[Fades out]

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