Good Timin' Lyrics by Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones Lyrics

Good Timin' Lyrics
Jimmy Jones
(Ballard / Frederick)

*Oh. you need timin' a tick a tick a tick a
Good timin' a tick a tick a tick a tick a
Timin' is the thing
It's true good timin' brought me to you

If little little David hadn't grabbed that stone
Alyin' there on the ground
Big Goliath might've stomped on him
Instead of the other way
But he had


Who in the world would've ever known
What Columbus could do
If Queen Isabella hadn't hocked her jewels
In fourteen ninety two
But she had


What would've happened if you and I
Hadn't just happened to meet
We might've spent the rest of our lives
Walkin' dawn Misery Street
But we had


Reproduced as on slick
Spelling not corrected.
Supplied by:
Australian FanSite of Chubby Checker

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