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Jim Lauderdale Lyrics

From the Album Patchwork River (2010) (buy at
Patchwork River
Patchwork River

From the Album Headed for the Hills (2004) (buy at
Headed for the Hills
High Timberline
Looking Elsewhere
Sandy Ford (Barbara Lee)
Headed for the Hills
Trashcan Tomcat
Paint and Glass
Tales from the Sad Hotel
Crazy Peg and Darby Doyle
Leaving Mobile
I'll Sing Again
Head for the Sun
Upside Down

Other Songs:
Am I Only Dreaming This
And That's A Lot
Bless Her Heart
Can't Find Mary
Divide And Conquer
Don't Leave Your Light Low
Don't Trust Me
Do You Like It
Grace's Song
Had A Little Time
Heaven's Flame
I Met Jesus in a Bar
I'm On Your Side
I Thought We Had A Deal
I Wasn't Fooling Around
Jupiter's Rising
King Of Broken Hearts
Life By Numbers
My Last Request
Nobody's Perfect
Optimistic Messenger
Planet Of Love
Please Pardon Me
Pretty Close To The Truth
Run Like You
Seems Like You're Gonna Take Me Back
Some Things Are Too Good To Last (With Emmylou Harris)
Tears So Strong
That's Not Right Babe
This Is The Big Time
Three Way Conversation
Wake Up Screaming
What You Don't Know
When The Devil Starts Crying
Where The Sidewalk Ends
Why Do I Love You


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