Phone Call At 3 A.M. Lyrics by Jerrod Niemann

Jerrod Niemann Lyrics

Phone Call At 3 A.M. Lyrics
What the (phone ringing) hello...can not believe you neither what's up man?...what is up bro?...well I was
sleeping....sleeping? Are you serious?...dude it's 3 in the morning where are you?...I am down in don't
sound very down to me....I'm not down because I'm sitting with 2 little ladies....really? What's their names?...I think one
is called mine and one is called yours and if you don't come down their both gonna be called mine....I'm sure they will...Hey
come talk to my friend....hey dude dude please don't put them on...hola!....well heeeey....Ay papi....uhhhhh....give me the
phone. Aidos. Dude you have to come down here...Man I just got way too many things to do....too many things to do? I'll give
you too many things to do. All I need is an avocado, a snorkel and a paper clip and we can make this work. I am McGuiver in
Mexico. This will if I come down, we hang out with these ladies and???.... And we get pina coladas and salsa...
that's not the response I was looking for but at least you're talking my what are you saying brosef?
know what you talked me into it. I'm gonna pack a bag and I'm heading down....sweeeeeet....hey and for the record you are
crazy...I will pick you up at the

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