Jermaine Jackson Lyrics

Jermaine Jackson Lyrics

From the Album You Said (1991) (buy at
You Said
You Said, You Said
Rebel (With A Cause)
I Dream, I Dream
We're Making Whoopee
Treat You Right
Word To The Badd!!
A Lover's Holiday
True Lovers
Don't You Deserve Someone

From the Album Don't Take It Personal (1989) (buy at
Don't Take It Personal
Next To You

From the Album Precious Moments (1986) (buy at
Precious Moments
Do You Remember Me?
Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone
Give A Little Love
Precious Moments
I Think It's Love
Our Love Story
I Hear Heartbeat
If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful
Voices In The Dark
Words Into Action

From the Album Dynamite (1984) (buy at
Sweetest Sweetest
Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' (Too Good To Be True)
Escape From The Planet Of The Ant Men
When The Rain Begins To Fall
Come To Me (One Way Or Another)
Do What You Do
Take Good Care Of My Heart
Some Things Are Private
Oh Mother

From the Album Let Me Tickle Your Fancy (1982) (buy at
Let Me Tickle Your Fancy
Let Me Tickle Your Fancy

From the Album Jermaine (1980) (1980) (buy at
Jermaine (1980)

From the Album Feel The Fire (1977) (buy at
Feel The Fire

From the Album Come Into My Life (1973) (buy at
Come Into My Life

From the Album Jermaine (1972) (1972) (buy at
Jermaine (1972)
Daddy's Home

From the Album I Like Your Style (1981) (buy at
I Like Your Style
I'm Just Too Shy
Paradise In Your Eyes
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours

From the Album Frontiers (1978) (buy at

From the Album My Name Is Jermaine (1976) (buy at
My Name Is Jermaine
Let's Be Young Tonight

From the Album Let's Get Serious (1980) (buy at
Let's Get Serious
Let's Get Serious
Where Are You Now?
You're Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me

Other Songs:
Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

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