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Birthday Sex (Remix) Lyrics
(feat. R. Kelly, Fabolous, Ludacris & Trey Songz)

Of course I no what today is... it's your birthday I bought u a gift... me look what I got u loso in case u don't no so baby

My shorty called my like u no was bout to come (come come come)
I said your friend... shit let me come get some(some some some)
She said u stupid boy I'm talking bout my birthday (day day day)
I need some good dick in the worse way(way way way)
It's going down (huh) no hesitation it's time to eat (huh) pussy resevations
Them chocolate lips got me wanting hersey kisses come blow my candle girl and make your birthday wishes

[Bridge: Fabolous]
Girl u no I I I [x2]
Gone help u celebrate u can bring that yellow cake cause
Girl u no I I I [x2]
Killa in the sheets like a killa in the streets

Birthday sex [x2]
It's the best day of the year girl
Birthday sex [x2]
Feels good feels good let me get that g spot g spot girl

[Trey Songz:]
Birthday shawty u no what it is Trey Songz and your presence is a gift august 4th is when I'm coming with my shit (my shit) watch your girl or I'll be coming through her crib baby I'll undress ya from the sofa to the dresser be singing niggas lieing I'm the badest sexer I'm a kiss your lips the way u need it call me michael jackson I'm bout action when I beat it

[Bridge: Trey Songz]
Girl u gone cry I I I
Tears from your eye eye eye's
No cards or candy hand me those panies girl I'm yo gift tonight
Girl u gone cry I I I
Tears from your eye eye eye's
Don't wanna disrespect u no I just met u but we both no we want

[Chorus: Ludacris]
Since u like to wrestle I'm gone pin u to the bed I'll have u leaving on a stretcher when I see how far I can stretch those legs put your hands in the cuffs right now shut up do what I said and let me show u why shawnna made the song get get getting some head she wanna make love in the kitchen (come go with luda) she wanna keep switching positions (I no the comasutra) and I'm about to do ya do ya have u screamin halleua lluea the quervo me gusta gusta taste like cusuka suka get in the birthday coupe with your birthday suit I'm a turn u into birthday soup take a birthday shot it's her birthday too we can turn this into birthday group I'm loving this birthday thing so I'm like who's birthdays next everydays my birthday so SUPRISE let's have birthday sex

[Bridge: Jeremih]
Girl u no I I I [x2]
I've been feining wake up in the late night dreaming about your loving girl
Girl u no I I I [x2]
Don't need candles or cake just need your body to make great


[R. Kelly:]
Girl it's your birthday [x2]
That bitch in the club on defense but u brought your A game (tooo) night I'm a give u heaven (if u leave with me) (shawty) I wanna be your present (girl unwrap me) say goodbye to these guys and hello to my ride it gonna get us where we need to go (my crib) shawty let me show u how I live (my crib) so come with me don't miss out on your gift bust out a cake hahaha u must be joking bout to tear u up baby girl I'm a bust that oh oh oh open gonna give u a back rub then we hop in my hott tub get manish with my fingers now I got dat ass up to the point u screaming oh it hurt (it hurts yeah) but u got to admit it quench your thirst (your thirst yeah)
Girl u no I I I
Beat it up I I I
Remix it's the r r r
Eat up I I I
Ooww I can not wait till january 8th u no why because I'm a get some birthday sex

[Bridge: Jeremih]


First I'm a gonna take a dive into the water deep untill I no I pleased that body (body)
Oh girl without a broom I might just sweep u off your feet and make u tell somebody (body) how I do or maybe we can float on top my water bed your close your eyes as I inprove between your legs we work our way from kitchen stoves and tables girl u no I more than able to do it yeah say u wanted flowers on the bed but u got me for hours on the bed

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