Shift Lyrics by Jennifer Nettles

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Shift Lyrics
Nobody would've ever thought, nobody should've ever guessed that I would open my mouth and fire would breathe from my chest
"Now isn't she the girl that's all daisy and clover? She's so easy to work with. She's so easy to push over."
And I will open up my mouth and you can whore me out cause the yin, the yin is what it's about

You say "art" in this business and you might as well be flogged "justice" in this business and you can look for another job
But you say "money" in this business and the suited worms will crawl, they will take all your sweat and make another strip mall

And it's gonna be tit for tat
And it's gonna be just fine
And it's gonna be "how do you like that?"
Look out cause I'm about to shift your paradigm

Guess I should have known, guess I should have expected you'd abuse your own family at best I'd be neglected
Wasn't I baptized by fire to be brave? Cut my teeth on the devil, didn't need you as savior;
And I did open up my heart and you did play me out cause the yin, the yin is what it's about

You said art is your business, you believe in what I do justice was as long as I made four times less than you
And money was "so scarce" and your family "would starve" and we watched you drive away in fifty thousand dollar cars

I will keep my mouth shut and won't say a word
Buy him a drink little girl
Look out, look out, look out...

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