Nighthawk Lyrics by Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer Nettles Lyrics

Nighthawk Lyrics

Watching waiting anticipating flight of the Night Hawk
Shake and shiver pray for deliverance from the Night Hawk
Bring me water, bring me wine, visions from the sweet divine
Bring me candle, bring me flame, power in the Goddess name

Let it go
I am unafraid
Let it go
I am unafraid

Gather children, gather together, all grasp hands
Whistle the wind , welcome the weather, circle dance
Bring me earth and bring me land, moon to bless the task at hand
Bring me feather, bring me air, without seeing know it's there


Oh come now darlin' into the garden watch your step
Wolves have been here, lived here and slept here and shit they left here
They'll belittle, be surprised, they will psychonalyze
They'll see half and not the whole, they will try and take your soul.


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