Judge Lyrics by Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer Nettles Lyrics

Judge Lyrics
Here we go I've seen that Jekyll/Hyde routine before
My one-man soap opera show, go and spit and snarl and stomp the floor
Yeah, I don't think you're mean cause you're scared or frightened
I just think you're mean cause you're unenlightened

Or maybe it is that you are afraid at best
That no matter what you put between your legs it won't fill this hole in your chest
Or could it be you weren't shown love or affection
Or better yet you were over-indulged and now you call it oppression.

My spleen is full though I say I don't hold a grudge
And it may make me vile and wretched and worse off than you
But I do judge

So tell me suburbia, tell me about your life
Tell me the saga of how you grew up with no strife.
I consider it the highest form of neglect
Like nobody ever told you "no" so now you don't know respect, boy.

Don't listen to image now cause image is a liar.
Yeah to hear this song I'm drinking napalm and pissing fire
But truth be known I'm brought to my knees everyday
So I figure while I'm down there I may as well get comfy and pray
Cause sadly there are people like you all around
Not just addicts or assholes but spirits who can't reach their ground.

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