Change Lyrics by Jennifer Nettles

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Change Lyrics

Change, can I water this down for you?
Change, don't know how you will take this news
Change, something's wrong and I can tell
Change, this is gonna hurt like...

Well, underestimation is my favorite inspiration don't you know?
So you can take that square peg and stop trying to fit it in this round hole
I got gold mines diggin' round in both these hips
And Molotov cocktails to serve as lips
I might be greater than or less than or less than less than or greater
But I'm always searching for the least common denominator


Well anger from confusion is the oldest institution would you say?
And if you're part of the problem and not the solution would you stay out of my way
I do it in luxury when I can barely pay the rent
And I'll do it just for spite just cause you say I can't
I'll do it cause it's right for the integrity
I do it cause it's all I know it's every part of me


Rewind to remind
I take it back to the city pool
The kids are playing "marco" "polo"
And I'm reminded of the source, I'm reminded from where I came
And I'm reminded that the more we morph the more we stay the same


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