A Place For You Lyrics by Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer Nettles Lyrics

A Place For You Lyrics
There's a place for you beyond this space and time
That can cool the fires burning in your troubled mind
There'll be no crying there, there'll be no fear of grief
But there is joy and there is laughter and there is sweet relief
Oh, now with both eyes closed I will jump with you into the great unknown...

So let it go, let it leave, let it circle round about you

Oh this pain that you bore, you don't own it anymore
So let it go, let it go!
Let it know you must breathe and it will have to live without you
There's a way for you, beyond the dark path of present
It is a thousand points of light, burning brilliant, incandescent
There'll be no hurry there, there'll be no question where you're going
But there is time and communion and so much red wine flowing
Oh, now you're almost there, you should know by now I'll follow you anywhere


Beyond the walls of comprehension, passed the door to understanding
There's a window on a peace that we call knowing
And it isn't our decision and it is not what we are planning
But it set us on this path & it is ours now where we're going


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