Stay (Boy Better Know Mix) Lyrics by Jay Sean

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Stay (Boy Better Know Mix) Lyrics
[Chorus: Jay Sean]
No No No No No No I Can't Take No More Of This
When I'm Knock Knock Knockin On Your Door
Askin If Your Still Vacant
Won't You Stay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay
Won't You Stay-Ay-Ay-Ay Won't You Stay

Here Wat I'm Sayin Yeah
Ask Her 1 More Time
If She's Stayin Then Stay
If She's Goin Then Go
Fighting, Arguing, Lieing, No
That's All Long Like Going, Go
Forget The Lock-Lock-Lockin
Makin A Single Neighbours R Clockin
You Need 2 Take Control
Make Her Know If She Dnt Open Up The Door
Your Boppin
Honestly If She Ain't On It Den Long It
Make Her Know Who Is The Boss Like Norris
Comin Like She Dnt Kno Mans Presedential
She Must Want Mans 2 Run Off Like Sonic
The Likkle Man Hypin & Fightin Is Long
Make Her Kno Frm Now That You Jus Ain't On It
Tell Her Dnt Get It Wrong, Jus Try Get Along
If Nt Bounce 2 Your Show In Norwhich.


Yo, You Need 2 Start Actin Colder
4 No Reason She's Givin You The Cold Shoulder
Bt Wen U Dnt Anser The Door She Starts Investigatin Like Sully & Moler
If She Sed It's Ova, Den It's Ova
Tell Er She's Lucky Lyk A 4 Leaf Clover
Bt U Keep On Ringin Her Nokia
Worst Thing About It She's On...
Dnt Kall Her Dnt Ring Bak
Get Your Car & Your Diamond Ring Bak
Look Hw Many Songs U Sang 2 The Girl
And She Knt Book Studio Time N Sing Bak
(Leave Her) Get Your Old Ting Bak
I Dnt Kno Y U Evn Started 2 Link Dat
U Need 2 Listen 2 Me Jammer, Chips & Frisc
4Get The Beef Allow The Big Mac.


If She's Sayin She Dnt Wna Stay No More
Creep Dwnstairs Lock The Door
You Knt Have Him Bt Dnt Panic
2 Days Along She Won't Manage
Wagwarn 4 Girls These Days
Like As If We Knt Get Girls These Days
1 Likkle Passa, 2 Likkle Problem
3rd Time Round, You 2 Beg Em Stay
No You Need 2 Low It
Remind Her Who Wears The Trousers
These Women 4Gettin There Roles
Tell Her I Said No You Role N Pose
She Sees The Reactions Wen U Do Shows
Females Flexin Like There Brainless
Fam It's Nt Like Your Nameless
P.S Do Nt 4Get Your Famous.


Why Do Girls Always Wna Talk About Leavin
She Said She's Gone Agen
And Dis Time She's Gone More Further Then Ealing
Dnt Watch Dat She'll Back By The Evening
Dnt Hold Your Breath Kos You Mite Stop Breathing
And If She's Gone In The End Then Wat You Achieving
Girls Only Leave Kos They Watch Your Decieving
Nw Shes Got Wat She Wants So She Packs Up Her
Bags N Opens The Door
N Tlks About Breezing
That's Why I'm Cold...
Get That Cash Money Get Them G's In
Play Your Cards Right Kno Wt Your Dealing
Dnt Try 2 Propose Wen Your Kneeling
Kos Your Hearts Gna Need Alot More Then Healing.

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