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Jay Sean Lyrics

Boom Boom Boom Lyrics

Boom boom
It's getting hot in here
Boom boom
Boom boom
It's getting hot in here
Boom boom
It's getting hot in here

Ok the gang is out here and everything feels all right
Ladies, to bring some men
And we can do shots all night
That's right, I want that shit
And it's about to go, go, down
All night and we ain't gonna quit
And all I need is a few more chicks

'Em ladies, be dropping,
So low man it's hot
And the [?] got money to blow
My label be popping, my mc 'em knocking
Diva we got this, let's go!

Call it on sexy all around the world,
Looking at planes fly, up on cloud night
It's so sexy, uhu and the things you do,
Drives me out my mind, mind
Cause your body go boom boom boom

Boom boom
New york [?]
Boom boom
London, miami
Boom boom
And girls be slamming
Cause the body go boom boom boom
We own the bar
Boom boom
Must go [?]
So sexy fly
Cause the body go boo boom

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