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Jacka Trutty Lyrics

Feelin' Alright Lyrics

Seems I Got to Have a Change of Scene
Cause Every Night I Have the Strangest Dreams
Imprisoned By the Way It Used to Be
Left Here On My Own Or So It Seems
I Got to Leave Before I Start to Scream
But Someone's Locked the Door and Took the Key

Feelin' Alright
Not Feelin' Too Good Myself
Feelin' Alright
Not Feelin' Too Good Myself

Boy You Sure Took Me For One Big Ride
Even Now I Sit and Wonder Why
And When I Think of You I Start to Cry
Got to Stop Belivin' in All Your Lies
Cause I Got to Much to Do Before I Die

Before Someone Comes Along and Takes My Place
With a Different Name and Yes a Different Face

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