Mockingbird Lyrics by Inez and Charlie Foxx

Inez and Charlie Foxx Lyrics

Mockingbird Lyrics
Mock (yeah) ing (yeah) bird (yeah) (1)
Yeah, yeah
Mockingbird everybody, have you heard?
(Have you heard?)
He's gonna buy me a Mockingbird
Oh, if that Mockingbird don't sing
He's gonna buy me a diamond ring
And if that diamond ring don't shine
He's gonna surely, break this heart of mine
And that's why, I keep tellin him that's exactly

Whoa, ho, ho, I, all I know is I, I, I, I know
I do what I can
To let him know, that I, I, I, I, love him
And he's got, he's got to go
But, if I must go, he's got to take, a mistaken
That's why, I can't tell you that's exactly
Whoa, whoa, whoa, I know, is I, I, I, I know
That he knows that I care
And I, I, I, I know that he knows, he starts cryin'
Cause if that bird don't sing and ring don't shine
He's so sad, that's why, I can't tell you that exactly
Whoa, whoa....

Repeat (2)

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