Imogen Heap Lyrics

Imogen Heap Lyrics
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Imogen Heap Info:

Imogen Heap is an English singer-songwriter and composer. She is known for her work as part of the musical duo Frou Frou and her solo albums, which she writes, produces, and mixes. -Wikipedia

Birth name:
Imogen Jennifer Heap

Also known as:

December 9th, 1977 ( age )

Havering, East London, England

Electronica, alternative rock, indie rock, synthpop, folktronica, ambient, dream pop

6' 0" (1.83 m)

Musician, singer-songwriter, visual artist

Voice, keyboards, sampler, cello, array mbira, clarinet, synthesizer, guitar, drums, keytar, nail violin, organ, vocal percussion, Hang, vocoder

Years active:

Associated acts:
Frou Frou

Imogen Heap Trivia:
• Her debut album, iMegaphone is an anagram of her name

• She sang an a cappella version of "Hallelujah", for the season three finale of The O.C.

• Her song Hide And Seek was featured in the movie "The Last Kiss", starring Zach Braff (who also used Frou Frou's Let Go in his 2004 film Garden State)

• Hide And Seek was also used in a SNL Digital short in a 2007 episode of Saturday Night Live.

Imogen Heap Quotes:
"I just love crafting and shaping sounds. Actually, many of the sounds that I work with start off as organic instruments - guitar, piano, clarinet, etc. But I do love the rigidity of electronic drums... I would record live drums, and then I would spend a day editing them to take the life out of them. I like to breathe my own life into these sounds, and I do try to keep the 'air' in the music. Some people think electronic music is cold, but I think that has more to do with the people listening than the actual music itself."

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