Get Down Lyrics by Immature

Immature Lyrics

Get Down Lyrics
Bizzy Bone: Rap 1
Verse 1:
As I walk across the road (across the road)
I just think about my I grow up (how I grow up)
And I think about the things that people do
And I guess they can't go to public school
And I see how this world has been ruined (has been ruined)
But what can we do, what can we do? (What can we do?)
But what can we do, what can we do? (What can we do?)
Peace at the end of the road is where we are
From coast to coast give up the ghost, ghost
(repeat 8 times)
Bizzy: Rap 2
(Repeat Chorus)
Verse 2:
Everybody that's confused just hear me out (just hear me out)
From coast to coast, from coast to coast, give up the ghost
All our homies really don't know just what to do (just what to do)
Cuz there's a coffin over there waitin' for you
Downloadin' all the info from your mind (downloadin' all the info)
Where your soul has gone, we will find
Peace at the end of the world is where we are
(Repeat chorus)
Bizzy: Rap 3
Chorus until fade
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