I Hate You Lyrics by Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel Lyrics

I Hate You Lyrics
[Idina Menzel (aka Liz Vaughan):]
I hate you, I hate you
I love you, I hate you
Don't do it, I need you
Forget it, I know you
My God how I hate you

Don't leave me. I love you
Don't say that you love me
Cause what does it matter?
You're going to leave me.
So leave me, whatever
It's not like I need you
I need you; don't leave me

You know I'm not selfish
But me, me, me, I, I, I
Need you to stay

[James Snyder (aka Josh Barton):]
In my life, I haven't made that many promises.
Just one to them and one to you
And you know me like no one has known me before
And so you know what I have to do
And no matter what you say, you want me to

[Idina Menzel (aka Liz Vaughan):]
Let's look at this calmly,
Tiscuss how I hate you
The ways that you've hurt me
Though really you haven't
You're clearly about to
Don't touch me; I hate you

Just leave us, whatever
We'll get on without you
I'm tough and resourceful
I'm steady and sturdy
And freaking the f*ck out

I love you, I hate you.
So screw you; you're making me crazy
So go!

Wait, no!

In my life, I always said I don't need anyone.
I like our life and I love you
And, I swore that I'd love, without wanting or needing you
But it's too late; I need you too

You're the reason I think this life not be meaningless
You're my North Star, my path to grace
You're my single best decision
in a life of many awful ones.
My one big yes, my one embrace
With you I never feel I'm out of place

(We believe the insurgents intended the RPG attack to inflict the maximum casualties in the medical facility. Your husband was working his second shift that day.
The CO wanted you to know that the number of lives they saved on this...)

God damn it, you did it;
I knew you would do it
You asshole, I hate you
I totally blame you
And, really, how could you?
I hate you, I hate you.
I hate that I hate you.
I hate that I love you.
I love you
I... loved you.
I loved you
I lost you; I hate you.
God damn you you asshole, you mother f*cker!

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