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Ian Moss Lyrics

Matchbook Lyrics
Once I knew a younger man,
travelling alone.
He had nothin' in his pocket but a matchbook, baby.
All the world was older then,
with money spare to burn.
He had nothin' in his pocket but a matchbook, baby.
Now he's gone, gone, gone.

Lookin' out my window now,
depression has returned.
Beggerman, theif is the new look baby.
With a pocketful of nothin' but a matchbook baby,
yeah things roll on and on.

The King is on the radio,
singin' "don't be cruel".
Girls down on the corner makin' money after school.
Your hear them say that love's okay,
but when the passion dies,
you got nothin' in your pocket but a matchbook, baby.
Fool, fool, fool.
I needed more than daily bread,
and midnight robbery.
The empty heart of a hot look ain't no mystery.
I don't know what lies ahead,
but you've been good to me .
You've been colouring in my sketchbook and I'm fine, fine, fine.
I had nothin' in my pocket but a matchbook,
now you're mine, mine, mine.
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