Where The Highways End Lyrics by Hidden In Plain View

Hidden In Plain View Lyrics

Where The Highways End Lyrics
Its 6AM, open roads and open skies
under this wyoming sunrise
a close encounter with
the emptiness and nothingness
21 years out on the run from our small hometown
you could hear a whisper in the wind
filling me with confidence
so i took advice from the headlights
it made it clear it opened up my eyes
and it opened up my mind
holding on forever to these dreams
we made together
im never gonna let them die
cause i couldnt bear the sight
there is not a word spoken
living in the moment
we're broken down but we're not broken
it will be alright
the world lied awake
as the haze burned away
the wheel seemed to turn on its own
on its way toward the horizons golden
so sunrise, im holding on to you
lift me up, drop me down
through the sounds and ill float
across the coasts, the unknowns
or in our minds where no one knows
thisis where we choose to run away
from all the things we just cant take
all the forced smiles and dreams that washed away
hold on, hold tight, be strong, it will be alright

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