Sleepwalker Lyrics by Henchmen

Henchmen Lyrics

Sleepwalker Lyrics
Chain me to the floor
your never gonna hold me down
tired of all your shit
sick of being pushed around

yeah the fear is in your eyes
i can see it in your face
time battered beyond recall
thrown aside by human grace

lifeless bodies all around
arms and legs are thrown about
pick it up we'll start again
bloodshed a means to an end

denied! the medication that i find
has the power to controll this fever
control! the uncertainties unknown
the effects go even deeper

wake up from my sleep
with dirty hands and dirty feet
shirt is ripped and pants are tore
face is full of bloody sores

denial defeat
the forces were against me
fall unto my knees
i beg the lord oh please!
take away this pain in my heart
confessions bring fresh new starts
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