I Can't Say Goodbye to You Lyrics by Helen Reddy

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I Can't Say Goodbye to You Lyrics
You say it would be better
If we stopped seeing each other.
If you had only met me first,
When you were free,
'cause now you've got commitments.
I should not expect things from you,
That you can't give to me.
Oh, but baby, can't you see?

I can't say goodbye to you,
No matter how I tried.
You're such a part of me,
Without you, I would die.
Deep, in the heart of me,
I know that you and I
Were meant to be be together.
I can't tell you goodbye.

Neither of us planned
That we would fall in love this way,
But since we did
Why should we be apart?
Sometimes, some things happen
That can never be explained.
Now, it's too late for me;
I've already given you my heart.


Who knows why we choose,
When we choose the ones we love?
Who knows why we do the things
We do, when we're in love?
I know that you're a decent man,
And you try to do what's best,
But how can I forget
All the feelings we have shared?


(you and I were meant to be, forever)
I can't tell you goodbye........

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