Tell Me Lyrics by Groove Theory

Groove Theory Lyrics

Tell Me Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
I've been doin my own thing love has always had a way of having bad timing but to my greats of crime ever since i looked in your eyes I had one question for you

Tell me if you want me to give you all my time I want to make it good for you cause you blow my mind I promise boy that I'll be true your the perfect find so tell me if you want me to

[verse 2:]
If you thought I sleep on this boy your wrong cause all I dream about is our first kiss and your the first one to make me feel like this and this is one opprtunity that i can't miss no no boy you otta know the deal you are wondreing if the words I'm sayin are for real cause you got more appeal than any man in this whole world and baby I got to know how you feel


Sweetheart now its time I let you know I don't want to rush we should take it slow boy I can love you can you help me grow give me a new beginning

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